Water Bin Unloader

Water Bin Unloader is a semiautomatic system for gentle emptying of plastic bins and can be put before any sorting or packing line.

  • Code name: WBU

Machine is constructed from stainless steel for long service life and minimum maintenance. The closed water circuit in tank and channel saves water’s consumption cost. Water is depleted only by the removal of empty bins and is automatically refilled when a float-gauge descends to switching position. When the water level is too low the breaker turned off for maximum safety.

  • Gently unloading of sensitive product
  • Closed water system (saving costs of water consumption)
  • Manual or semi-automatic operation

Machine can be turn on/off manually by button or automatically by loading of bin on the roller conveyor. Bin is sent to the submerging section by sensors then is lowered into the main tank and pressed down by a pair of special arms. Pump produce flow which takes over product.

When the bin is empty, which is detected by a product sensor, it is picked up and moved to the last section where a forklift operator can load it. Products flows towards a brush and a washing shower system with a new clean water and released into the next part of the line. The clean water stays in the water system circuit.


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