Our range of post-harvest equipment is comprehensive

Carrot line, Onion line and Potatoe line

  • receiving hopper
  • destoner, washer, polisher
  • top tailer, dry cleaner
  • optical or mechanical sorting
  • weighing and packing
  • case packing and palletizing

Apple, pears and tomato line

  • receiving
  • washing
  • mechanical or optical sorting
  • weighing and packing
  • case packing and palletizing

Packing line

  • weighing
  • packing
  • paletizing

Carrot lines

The line starts with a In-feed Hoppers or boxpallet tipper, from where the product is transferred to a pre-soaking tank, the so-called “jacuzzi”. The roots are then freed of impurities in a separator and washed into two separately controlled lines for washing, brushing, optical quality and size sorting and then stored in box pallets or transferred to bunkers for further processing in the packaging operation.

Onion lines

The line consists of a In-feed Hoppers or box pallet tipper, from where the onions travel to a balancing bunker for a smooth supply of product to the next phase. The top-tail device separates the leaf and excess ends of the onions, which, free of coarse impurities, going to the size sorter.

Packing station

The end part of the line (except for long-term storage) consists of equipment for dosing, packaging and palletizing the product, with the possibility of additionally checking the product on inspection tables. The packaging can be loose into boxes or crates, on vertical and horizontal FFS machines into bags, nets, trays or raschel bags.

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