In order to provide you with a comprehensive solutions we have been cooperating with proven manufacturers of other technologies.

We provide deliveries of appliances and other equipment that are necessary in modern processing plants to ensure smooth and automated running of production lines. Even this machinery comes with a full warranty.

Our partners produce leading solutions for::

  • initial processing and storing
  • sorting and inspection
    • mechanical / size
    • optical sizers
    • NIR sizers
    • control and monitoring
  • scraping, peeling, slicing
  • handling and palletizing
  • long-term storage and atmosphere control

Company Htech is represented by:

NEWTEC | Denmark

Industrial high-quality equipment for weighing, packaging and sorting, especially in the fruit and vegetable processing sector.

SYMACH | Holland

Palletizers and bag-filling machines.


Automatic packaging machines type VFFS (vertical fill form and seal)

FANUC | Japan

Robotic arms and mechanical solutions for product handling.

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