Our customers are companies that grow and process vegetables and fruits.

  • onions
  • carrots
  • potatoes
  • red beet, celery, leek etc
  • apples
  • tomatoes
  • soft fruits

Carrot line

  • receiving, destoning, washing and polishing
  • sorting (mechanical or optical)
  • weighing, packing and paletizing

Potatoe line

  • receiving, destoning, washing and polishing
  • sorting (mechanical or optical)
  • weighing, packing and palletizing

Onion Line

  • receiving, destoning, washing and polishing
  • sorting – mechanical
  • weighing, packing
  • palletizing

Apple line

  • water unloading
  • optical sorting
  • weighing and packing

Tomato line

  • weighing, packing
  • palletizing


Htech provides design and construction activities from the place where the product enter the line from long-term storage or using receiving bins and installs machines for cleaning, sorting, weighing, packaging and palletizing.


Dosing equipment for packaging machines:

  • Jasa 350 Quickpack / packages such as FIXPAQ, EXTRAPAQ
  • C-Pack 929 / mesh
  • Htech Net-bagger / raschel bags on the roll
  • Htech Veg-bagger / PE bags on the roll
  • Htech Boxfiller / loose product

Bags as FIXPAQ a D-PACK they are case packing in cartons using a high-speed automatic case packing machine COMBOX, and the cartons (crates) are palletized after checking the weight using either a conventional or robotic palletizer. Cartons are delivered using a special rail system from where they are folded.

Raschlel bags is palletizing by SYMACH palletizers.

Bag palletizing

The SYMACH palletizer suitable for raschel bags in the weight range of 2.5 to 25 kg at a speed of up to 26 pieces per minute. A wrapper and sampling sections are installed behind the stacker.

Carton or crates palletizing

The classic model of a palletizer first aligns cartons or plastic boxes in a specified pattern, which it embraces using a circumferential frame and places on a pallet. For boxes up to a height of 178 mm, a double layer can first be used to prepare a double layer to speed up palletizing. This method of palletizing is the least demanding on space and acquisition costs.

Carton or crates palletizing by robotic arms

Robotic arms placing cartons from COMBOX packaging stations and putting them on the pallets. These are later combined option of wrapping pallets or placing corners around cartons and strapping. The result is a 100% pallet suitable for transport and receipt by retail chains.

Case packing

Primary combined packages from VFFS or HFFS packages are transported under the package back and combined from two packages into one line. The packages pass through an equalizing scale, which eliminates undersized pieces. Subsequently, they are placing in cardboard boxes or crates using special COMBOX packaging machines. After filling, the cartons are weighed with a check indicator weight and provided with a label before the final phase – palletizing.

Cartons or crates handling

Cartons are delivered to the place automatically according to the requirements of individual stackers.

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