Packing machines

Htech has long specialized in the supply of systems for washing, grading, weighing, packaging and palletizing process. For our clients, this component is key in terms of sales of their crops to retail networks. The final form of packaging can be determined by the demand for specific packaging from chains and stores, as well as the offer of a client who has a certain technology available. Our task is to offer clients such technological solutions that will be as universal, efficient and long-term reliable as possible with regard to the products available to them.

Most common solutions of packing:


Horizontal packaging machines is designed to pack loose product into the pre-made (or non-premade) PE, LDPE film, net, paper or combined bags. This is fast, gentle and ecological way of packaging.


Vertical packaging machines are fast, efficient, and flexible. These machines works with a single film coil to obtain a package with three weldings. Two cross-weldings and one longitudinal welding. Wide variety of application includes loose products, granulated products, or products difficult to handle.

Clipping machines

Clipping machines are popular for their simplicity and longevity. The product is brought into the net sleeve by a tube and closed by a metal clip, to which a label carrying information about the contents of the package can be added. The machines have different constructions according to the properties of the product and with regard to the maximum possible performance.


Flowpacks are horizontal packing using a single film coil with three weldings : two cross-weldings and one longitudinal welding. Flowpacks can pack punnets or single products into BOPP film. Machines could produce hermetic closure and they are compatible with MAP system.

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