Packing machine AP type designed for fast and reliable packing of potatoes, onions and other hard products into pre-made polyethylene bags on roll.

The machine frame is manufactured from stainless steel and therefore is very durable and easy for maintenance. Bags are driven into the machine with the opening upwards. The whole following procedure of bag separation, filling and closing is fully automatic.

Packing machines of the APF type are designed for fast and reliable packing of potatoes, onions and carrots into a polyethylen halftube film.

AP and APF machines are very powerful and fast tool for any production line and customers like it also for its reliability.

Machines are reliable and easy to maintain – standardly in stainless steel construction. It can be equipped with various accessories as follow:

  • Printer
  • Hot stamp
  • Belt vibration utility
  • Insertable chute for 0,5-1kg carrot
  • Hole punch system
  • Fallbreaker brushflaps
  • Special closure units:
    • adhezivní páska
    • systém Kwik Lok

Closure options (AP):

Closure options (APF):

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