AP(F)3AS Soft-Baggers were designed for extremely gentle packing of apples, tomatoes, citrus fruits and other similar sensitive produce.

These powerful and fully automatic packing machines works with premade bags or half-tube PE foil on a roll. Machines are equipted with an active product infeed belt and soft pneumatic lift that provides really fast and very gentle filling so the produce doesn’t get hurt, remain 100% fit for retail distribution.

Due to its unique design of components that come into contact with the product, it is particularly suitable for packaging these products::

  • Apples, inlc. sensitive variety as Golden type
  • Lemons, Limes
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Champignon (with specific adjustment) | Watch the video!

Machines are reliable and easy to maintain – standardly in stainless steel construction. It can be equipped with various accessories as follow:

  • Cutting unit for bags on roll suitable for bags with hand grip
  • Automatic bags adjustment
  • Remote servis control
  • Bagtop cutting knife with waste winding reel
  • Printer
  • Antistatic set for packaging materials with statitionary electric charge
  • Special closure units:
    • adhesive tape
    • Kwik Lok closure system

Closure options (AP):

Closure options (APF):

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