Radial grader

Htech radial grader is a popular choice for growers handling multiple crops in one processing line. These flexible graders are ideal for almost any type of crop, offering high capacity and multiple sizing in one machine.

  • Code name: RS

The product is transported and rotated over rollers. The distance between the rollers increases, so as the product is being transported, it will fall from small to large between the rollers. The product falls onto a belt which continues transportation. Several belts are mounted for several grading sizes.

  • Versatile for use on multiple crops
  • Available in mild or stainless steel
  • Gentle, high capacity vegetable grading
  • Heavy duty drive system
  • Quick and easy grade adjustment

Estimated capacity (tons/hour)

Red Beet8-1014-1622-30

Grading size (min/max)

10 mm -180 mm, the maximum and minimum dimensions cannot be combined in the same machine.


Standard 3-4 outputs , other number of outputs upon request


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