Double box filler

The automatic double box filler DBF is unique solution for gently and evenly filling bins with products. Designed to respect the product, the box filler is equipped with hydraulically adjustable heads and sensors that ensures minimal drop for entire process of filling.

  • Code name: DBF

Filling technology ensures that the drop height is continuously at a minimum. The product is fed into a movable conveyor that gently lowers it in to the box, the conveyor is automatically raised when the crop is sensed by photosensor. Double bon filler DBF has a capacity of 40-50 boxes per hour. During the filling of boxes, everything is focused on product-friendliness and capacity. The box are partially filled in layers by nodding the filling belt and shifting it in the bin. DBF box filler offers a many storages solution to meet the specific requirements of every packhouse.

  • Fully automatic box filling
  • High quality powder coated steel
  • Large product processing capacity
  • Dual filling spots for continuously bin filling


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