Symach Palletizers

Unlike most other palletizing systems, the Symach palletizers will stack any bag, regardless of type, individually with overlap to ensure a neat stable pallet.

The most important feature of the Symach palletizer is the unique design of the head. The smooth flat bottom fully supports each bag that slide into the head, while the integrated centralizing plates direct the product exactly to the centre, before dropping the bag.The optional hybrid head is a multifunctional design for bags, boxes and crates: the centralizing unit places any type of box or crate precisely on a pallet without the drop that is used in the placing of bags.

Models and output capacity of Symach palletizers:

ModelStored bags per minute
MACH 2 13-15
MACH 4 19
MACH 5 22
MACH 6 26
MACH 8 36, ve speciální úpravě až 52

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