Packing machine AR25 is designed for packing potatoes, carrots, onions, wooden pellets and similar products into net/raschel bags wound on a reel.

The machine frame is manufactured from stainless steel and therefore is very durable and easy for maintenance. The loose strings of the bags are gripped by the V-belts and the open bag is driven inside for filling which is checked by an optoelectrosensor to prevent damage caused by accidental infeed jamming.

The whole procedure of produce infeed, bag separation, filling, closing and transport is fully automatic. The bags are separated by a vertical thermoelectric coil in the bag connection.

The position of inner conveyor supporting and transporting full bags can be adjusted fluently by two handles. Its speed can be also fluently adjusted and controlled through a numeric keyboard and LCD display.

The bags are closed by a Fischbein sewing machine. It is also possible to sew on a polyethylene band with actual package information, EAN codes and other data, provided the bagger has a printing device.

Optional add-ons:

  • Printer
  • Bottom belt vibrator
  • Separate control box on 2 m cable and more….

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