Hydraulic Bin Tipper

Hydraulic Box Tipper is highly efficient, heavy duty and user-friendly machine that can tip multiple sized bins. Hydraulic lift for empty boxes ensures fast and easy loading/unloading of boxes. Meanwhile full box is in tipping process operator can replace empty box, that gently slide down powered by hydraulic lift.

  • Code name: PVS

The box can weigh up to 2000 kg and is placed inside an adjustable chamber with a forklift truck. When ready, the tilting process is started with a keyring remote control and can be stopped and reversed anytime by the forklift truck operator. Short after start, the top lid closes down on the box which is then raised and tilted. The door in the lid opens to let out first product before the box is tipped to maximum position to allow smooth emptying, minimizing potential damage. Speed and position can be programmed on a touchscreen mounted on electrical box.


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