Drying Rollers

Drying Rollers remove excess moisture from the potatoes and it is an ideal addition to any crop washing line. Output product is dry and risk of bacterial growth is reduced to minimum.

  • Code name: RD

Process starts with one rubber and two brush rollers which gently receive product and allows excess water and small debris to fall through. The produce is then transferred over sponge rollers by other produce pushing it from behind. These rollers absorb water that comes with the potatoes washing as produce travels along the bed. Lower set of stainless- steel rollers press the sponge rollers to squeezed out the surplus water. Pressure of squeezing can bet set manually. Waste water flows into a drip tray ended with a drain pipe. The crop is then discharged over the end ready for further processing.

  • Gentle on crop
  • Efficient and low maintenance
  • High water ingress protection

Built-in standard models 8 or 12 rollers, with standard widths from 900 mm, 1200, mm and 1500 mm, the Drying Rollers can be customized to meet your individual needs


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