Brushing Machine

KAR brushing machines provides a gentle and effective solution of dry cleaning for potatoes, onions and other root vegetables.

  • Code name: KAR

As the produce travels over, the set of nylon brushes gently remove any soil and debris from the line of flow. The loose soil is separated by the gap between the individual brushes and through waste hopper is further discharged.

  • Gentle and effective crop cleaning
  • Close structure reducing dust
  • Multiple brushing roller configurations

With optional closed structure, the amount of dust can be significantly reduced. Four inspection hatches are placed on the top of the brushing machine, making the machine easy to access for maintenance and cleaning.

With adjustable height brushing machine can be adapted in to an existing system or as part of a new line.

Built-in standard models of 11 or 15 rollers, with standard widths from 1200 mm to 1500 mm, the Brushing Machine can be customized for your individual needs.


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