Big Bag Filler

Htech BBFS is an affordable solution for filling of big bags. Gentle filling is achieved by cascade-fall damper system which lifts automatically, as the product level is rising.

  • Code name: BBFS

Since Big bags are placed onto four hook holders, the cascade damper is manually lowered into the bottom of the big bag. As the big bag fills, the crop sensor automatically lifts the cascade, ensuring a continuous flow of crop, with minimal drop. The sensor automatically stops, once the crop reaches the preset value.

  • Gentle filling by automatic rubber cascade
  • Affordable and easy to maintain
  • Suitable for various big bag sizes

Loading/unloading big bags is very simple, thanks to the manual winch that controls the upper moving part of construction. BBFS machine is suitable for various size of Big Bags and thanks to its compact size it fits into processing lines, where lack of space is an issue. This way of filling can also be applied to smaller boxes loading.


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